About us


The succeeding reunion paved the way for the success story which was gained early by the famous founder, Mr Yüksel KOCABAŞ inventor of Detay Makina to establish his factory based in Istanbul Turkey in 2005.

The fundament of Detay Makina has been a contemporary witness of momentous epochs and still stands to tell the tale of the hard efforts that Mr Yüksel KOCABAŞ and his employees are made for.

Mr Yüksel KOCABAŞ have been the major driving force behind our team's untiring success..Their expert guidance,which is coming from Sarten A.Ş., and never ending support have in turn gained us the most reputable status in both local and foreign markets.

In 2013,when we moved to Bursa,getting strongly involved with our faithful experience in the sector and with entire serious in work hard is paired point with local traditions to maintain a wide variety of filling and seaming machinery lines and to continue manufacturing high quality products to do best for our clients expectation as we did in the past many years through continuous improvement.


The credit to our success can be awarded to our relentless efforts to efficiently cater our esteemed clients in providing to them the best premium quality of products available in the worldwide markets.

And also we are striving to provide to our clients the needed supports, consultings, and services on time in various parts of the world.

In 2019, the company celebrates its 14th anniversary and is absolutely proud of its traditional values and proud of a dynamic and moving history as organized industrial movement of the Turkish social market economy.

Detay Makina exploited the potential of cross-border markets as direct exporter effectively and was regarded as one of the leading reputed and very well placed manufacturer company in the market for all types of filling and seaming production process line machinery, tools and spare parts in Turkey.

Then it was really a true forerunner of the growing and the strengthening internationalization process which shaped the Turkish economy from then on.

These characteristics are still a prerequisite for Detay Makina nowadays in order to constantly align the company’s strategic capabilities with international market opportunities.



As being a leading company that represents Turkish machinery sector in the world market; manufacture products and services exactly meeting the customers’ expectations.



To be a leader world brand that has adopted perceptivity of solution oriented production and service with high customer satisfaction in seaming and filling machines sector and that crousely serves the machinery with technological products to the market.



We are designing and producing innovative and multi-functional machines with our high quality manufacturing tools in our Bursa located factory.



Both production and sales,after sales and repair maintenance subjects that we are serving with our decades of experienced staff in can seaming and filling sector for essentially customer satisfaction.